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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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>> hello, i am with the san francisco parks department serious we are featuring some wonderful locations in your and very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special. we are here at the lovely and historic palace of fine arts, located in the bustling marina district. originally built for the 1950's exposition, the palace is situated along san francisco's waterfront. it is ada accessible and is reached by the 28, 30, and 91 bus lines. with its rotunda, columns, uncut the reflecting waters
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against the eucalyptus trees, it is one of the most romantic settings for special dates, and memorable proposals. it is also a perfect spot where you can relax with that special someone while listening to the water and fountain in the lagoon. beautiful to view from many locations, and inside is an ideal place to walk around with your loved ones. the palace is the most popular wedding location in the city park system. reservations for weddings and other events are available at shakespeares' guard and refers -- has plants referred to in shakespeare's plays and poems. located near the museum and the
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california academy of sciences, shakespeares garden was designed in 1928 by the california spring blossom association. flowers and plants played an important part in shakespeares literary masterpieces. here is an enchanting and tranquil garden tucked away along a path behind a charming gate. this garden is the spot to woo your date. appreciate the beauty of its unique setting. the cherry tree, the brick walkways, the enchanting stones, the rustic sundial. chaired the bards'w ro -- share the bard's words. the garden is a gem to share with someone special.
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pack a picnic, find a bench, enjoy the sunshine and let the whimsical words of william shakespeare float you and your loved one away. this is one of the most popular wedding locations and is available for reservations. shakespeares garden is 8ada accessible. this park is located at the bottom of a hill. it is a secret garden with an infinite and captivating appeal. carefully tucked away, one block from the bottom of lombard street, it makes the top of our list for the most intimate picnic settings. avoid all tourist cars and parking hassles by hopping on the cable car. or the 30, 45, 41, or 91 bus.
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this garden was designed by a the landscape architect thomas church in 19 to -- 1957. grow old with me, the best is yet to be is inscribed at this gem of a park. a lush oasis anchored by gazebosanchoreddekcs, -- gazebos, anchored by decks. this is the place to tell your family the love you share. reservations are available for this hidden gem. i am jamie hopper. until next time, don't forget to get out and play. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations, or any other location, call 831-5500. this number is best for special
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events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair building. for any athletic fields and neighborhood parks, 831-5510. you can also write us. 501 san francisco, calif. 94117. or just walk in and say hello. and of course you can find more information and reach us at
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i'm derek, i'm hyungry, and ready to eat. these vendors offer a variety of the streets near you. these mobile restaurants are serving up original, creative and unusual combinations. you can grab something simple like a grilled cheese sandwich or something unique like curry. we areher here in the average eight -- upper haight. you will be competing in the quick buy food challenge. an appetizer and if you are the
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winner you will get the title of the quitck bite "chompion." i am here with matt cohen, from off the grid. >> we assembled trucks and put them into a really unique heurban settings. >> what inspired you to start off the grid? >> i was helping people lodge mobile food trucks. the work asking for what can we get -- part together? we started our first location and then from there we expanded locations. >> why do think food trucks have grown? >> i have gotten popular because the high cost of starting a brick and mortar or
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strong, the rise of social media, trucks can be easily located, and food trucks to offer a unique outdoor experience that is not easily replaced by any of their setting any worlwhere else in san franc. san francisco eaters are interested in cuisine. there adventuress. the fact theyuse grea use great ingredients and make gourmet food makes unpopular. >> i have been dying to have these. >> i have had that roach coach
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experience. it is great they're making food they can trust. >> have you decided? >> we are in the thick of the competition? >> my game was thrown off because they pulled out of my first appetizer choice. >> how we going to crush clear? >> it will be easy. probably everyone has tried, something bacon tell us delicious. >> -- people tell us is delicious. >> hopefully you think the same thing. >> hopefully i am going to win. we're in the financial district. there is a food truck right there. every day changes. it is easy and fun to go down. these are going to be really
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good. >> how are you going to dominate? >> i think he does not know what he is doing. >> i was thinking of doing [unintelligible] we are underrepresented. >> i was singing of starting an irish pub. that was my idea. >> one our biggest is the corned beef and cabbage. we are asking people what they're thinking in getting some feedback. >> for a lot of people i am sure this combination looks very wrong. it might not sound right on paper but when you taste it to or have it in your mouth, it is a variety. this is one of the best ways in creating community. people gather around and talk about it and get to know different cultures. that brings people together and i hope more off the grid style
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and people can mingle and interact and remove all our differences and work on our similarities. this creates opportunity. >> the time has come and i am very hungry. what have you got? >> i got this from on the go, a sandwich, and a caramel cupcake. i went with home cooking. what de think? >> i will have another bite. >> sounds good. >> that was fantastic. let's start with you. >> i had the fried mac and
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cheese, and twinkies. i wanted to get something kind of classic with a twist on it. >> it was crispy. >> i will admit. >> want to try fieried mac and cheese? >> was that the best twinkie? >> would you say you had the winning male? >> definitely. >> no. >> you are the "chompion." clair has won. you are the first "chompion." >> they know it iwas me
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because i got a free meal. and check a map on -- check them out on facebook. take a peek at the stuff we have cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have
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>> good afternoon. i'm laurence cornfield chief building inspect or. we're at the brown bag lunch serious. we're here with the department of public works street use and mapping section. nick has been here for 23 years. >> 23 -- who's counting. >> and we will talk today about
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streets and sidewalks. mostly about sidewalks and a number of the related important issues in san francisco disabled access, hazards, encroachments. what they mean and how you can solve the problems. and maintenance responsibilities, who's responsible. good point. want to welcome you all and invite you to ask your questions. this is a dialogue and discussion. the weather is cool and might rain. we will keep the pace up and keep ourselves warm. we have a guest joining us, a special guest. a structural engineer who does a lot of work in the city with street and sidewalks and repair. >> nice to see you. >> he does a lot of the work for subsidewalk basements. many builds which down the face of the building ask extend under the sidewalk is and need a
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permit from department of public works. >> annual assessment fees courtesy of the board of supervisors. now 3 dollars per square foot. >> we will talk about that in a few minutes much let's start by talking about where the street meets the sidewalk much the big issues we're involved in san tran is trying to make san francisco a disabled friendly city. here this front of us we have one of the series of ramps that allow people to get from the sidewalk to the street and vice versa. >> early generation. >> third generation installing ramps? >> approximately. around that. okay. and some had to be replaced to meet current interpretations of the ada ask changes can the mary ann with disabilities act standards much what can you tell us about this ramp, nick. >> like pat said its one of the
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old style ramps. would not meet current standards. it has this little guide strip, if somebody has a cane, they can feel there is a change in level chicago and other changes occurring which is the purpose of that. >> its important in san francisco where we have steeply slopped streets. if the streets slope steetly you may not notice it. that's why we have the warning tracts. we also do it in color. we have a color change. >> low vision. >> this sidewalk has to have a different shade. >> part of the ada requirements contrasting color for the -- >> exactly. on some of the newer ramps you see the truncated zones. >> they are the big yellow
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flat. >> exactly. >> a bright yellow panel that attaches itself that could either be adhesive placed on existing ramps. the rest of the ramp is compliant or when new ramps are being constructed its incorporated into the actual sidewalk core. the use is for the low visually impaired and the blind because one of the blind person protection point is a concrete curb. here's the edge of the curb and they know that there is a haz d hazardous conditions where cars might be. they have no way of seeing if they are heading to the roadway thus the yellow bumpses. >> there is a new onyou have done is when you tap on this this is a hollow sound you can
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hear because they don't set it hard to the concrete. when you are walking ask tapping ask hit concrete you have one sound much when you hit the plastic you have a different sound and you may be visually impaired but you have hearing and go, i got something, the stick will tap differently. >> so this ramp only is on one side of the corner. sometimes i see ramps on both sides one this way and one that way is that the standard? >> that is the standard when there is a crossing in both directions. here across this little alley there is a crossing. there is a pedestrian crossing. this is a complicated thing to william build. pitches in all directions. >> the key is you gotta get the water to flee past this flat area so it doesn't create ponds
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that people walk into. >> not only that, under the clearance standard, when you put a new ramp we are requiring a 2 foot concrete pan, gutter, attached to basically -- as one with the curb. basically so we don't end up with a situation like this. with lifts. because. >> to steep. going right along the edge of this like that. >> right. that way over time like this this case where the asphalt deteriorated and produces a stripping hazard for something like this with a deeper the wheel of a wheel chair can get trespassed in there causing the person to fall forward. >> i want to mention this is a substantial public investment. we have to build it in a way that will last for a long time.
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we can't come back and keep fixes stuff. while we are here let us look at the other strange stuff in front of us at the same time. this says, gas. this is a gas valve in the street. a water department shut off. >> 8 inch pipe. >> 8 inch pipe. over here we have a -- >> catch basin, >> how you fit the catch basins into the ramps is a big issue. all the utility pipes that go under is a big issue? >> absolutely. in certain cases for a lot of the bigger projects for the big are developments if there is an existing catch basin in the way of a projective curb ramp where there is a crossing, we require the developer or owner to move the catch basin at their cost. >> there is a nuance.
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if you are doing a project that triggers the sidewalk to be upgraded its the property owners responsibility to upgrade the sidewalk and potentially the curb rachlt. that's on the developer's niccol not the city's niccol. >> that's this thing down here you figure interesting piece of hardware. >> a valve you unscrew and there is something inside there. >> we don't know what that is. >> over here we have -- there is a valve for the firefighter to open ask close the supply to this. >> the break offs where if someone hits the fire hydrant it snaps here they put a hand crank and turn off the water. unscrew this put a new one of these in. put the fire hydrant down the fire hydrant does not get broken just this. this is a break ah way collar so
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it doesn't damage the fire hydrant. this says 1995. this is a recent fire hydrant but we will see an older one down the street. >> watch out, pat, don't fall in that hole. what can we say about holes in the sidewalks, who's responsible for maintaining it. >> the fronting property owner. >> what are they supposed to do. >> infill it right now it's a tremendous tripping hazard. it looks like there was supposed to be a tree in there or there was a tree much >> another problem. because where's the tree. which is a different issue. >> do we inspect this or site them >> the department of public works sidewalk inspect ors and adopted a new sidewalk problem to get property owners to fix their sidewalks. if they don't fix it we fix it
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and bill them. >> that's the old way. >> we don't do that. similar, basic beeally the cityl have a sidewalk program, i don't know the hundred percent details because its less than a few months old. essentially, same type of notices will be sent to the property owners. > with the notice we give them the option of buying in to the city sidewalk program. >> user friendly city. >> exactly. >> we will will not fix it and send you a bill. >> you say why not [inaudible] onoption is to fill in with concrete. would be reinstalling the tree? >> there would be a tree required if in many cases there are a new building particularly the planning department has the planting of trees required as part of that construction.
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that i have to maintain that tree. this is not a new building it may be this is not a required tree. its clearly -- >> if there was a tree here and you got a permit to put it in you don't have a right to take it out without a tree removal permit. i'm reasonably sure there was a tree here. if you want to abandon this you have to post there was a tree ascii permission to remove the tree. >> as we walk let's talk about the other odds and ends. here's a sewer vent. in san francisco we have sewers coming out from the building ask they is a trap with a vent and from here it goes the street to the sewer ask there is supposed to be a cap. >> so you don't smell the sewer. >> who's responsibility is
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that. >> property owner. that's a serious tripping hazard. how about this does this meet the requirements of repair? clearly it does. who site this is? sidewalk or street inspection. >> there is a caveat. they are on our dpw website. there is a list of city maintained trees. if not mistaken these are city maintained trees. the city if determined the city maintained tree is uplifting the sidewalk in this case we look at the roots and figure it out. this is the city's responsibility to fix the sidewalk. >> how do people find out go to the website? >> yeah, go to the website under bureau of urban forestry. sfgov. org has a link from there to all the departments much
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department of public works and bureau of urban forestry. >> watch your step here. >> general cleaning -- >> not allows to broom the debris to the gutter and walk away. >> unless the morning of the street cleaning. >> you can sweep to the gutter when they street sweep. >> does this clean that up. is gum a problem is this too messy to the city's standards. there is no code involving sidewalk cleanliness. should be in well maintained condition as the code states. with a number of sidewalk defects around the city, you know -- particularly on -- >> how about when somebody wants to use their own paving do they need approval.
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>> its allowed it's a sidewalk surface permit. it's required to comply with american standards of protective materials -- we have a minimum code for friction it will need to meet. [inaudible]. over to the 10 plus yearses we have compiled a list of surfaces that are splitted to us or the city used in various projects that do comply. that -- >> including epoxy coated paint. >> those are specifics in the downtown areas. you have the old sidewalks where you are walking on the ceiling of the basement below laurence mentioned earlier. a lot of times wear and tear,
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weather. alot of property owners will experience leaking, rainwater leaking to the basement causing health problems maintenance problems et cetera. once every 2 years what they do is take one of the polyurethane coatings with a paint brush or roller and over the sidewalk and tell be like a waterproofing sealant it lasts for a year or 2 depending on the weather. we recommend that they redo it properly under the current codes where they redue the structural slab and have a 3-1/2 inch concrete topping slab on top. if the sidewalk breaks ever in the future you don't have to go to the replace the stushthureal slab. >> we are talking about slip resistance when they put the coating on top they have to use


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